2. FINALIST: Cristalleries Planell

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Cristalleries Planell

This public facility houses an adult education centre, a language standarization consortium and a space for entities on a triangular plot in the Parliament district. Two of the three sides of the site are defined by the heritage-listed frontage of the former Planell glass factory, built on Calle Anglesola in 1913.

Only two external facades of the former Planell glass factory in the northwest of Barcelona had survived. Behind them, Harquitectes added a brick building that, thanks to a sophisticated ventilation concept, requires hardly any heating or cooling energy.

The building makes use of the entire plot, acting as an intrinsic part of the urban landscape, although the triangular shape and the classified façades prevent it from occupying the entire site.

The programme is distributed across four levels which are set back from the south-facing heritage facade. The resulting atrium reconciles construction and heritage, improves the natural lighting for the classrooms and provides heat and sound barrier.

The ceramic materiality aims to exalt the heritage façade by integrating and not singularizing it. The new and the old are set with similar materials and techniques.

This puts them practically on the same level, but in both cases, the building demands are attended: the closing, the reception, the ventilation of the chambers and patios.

The materiality is composed of structural meanings. The block of solid glass has been introduced as part of the wall enclosure. This improves the light conditions of the courtyards and provides the façade with a material linked to the memory of Cristalleries Planell.